Emily Claudet

Product Manager and Game Developer



I'm Emily, and I love making products and games.

I am currently working at SwiftKey, Microsoft as a Product Manager based in London. SwiftKey is keyboard app on mobile that uses AI predict and correct words to make it easier for users to type. My work is focused on the iOS platform and improving the core typing experience.

Previously I was working as a Product Manager at HelloFresh in Berlin and at Kano Computing in London.

Outside of work, I love making (and playing!) video games. I am working with my sister and brother on several projects, our most recent one being "Through the Dark Realm". This was first built during the Nordic Game Jam in April 2017. I have a PS4 Pro and Nintendo Switch and *try* to keep up with the exciting titles.

I am also studying Artificial Intelligence in my spare time. I recently completed Andrew Ng's Machine Learning course on Coursera and am very interested to apply the concepts to a project in the near future!